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AAW symposium

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Jun. 25th, 2013 | 10:48 am

I'm off for two weeks and we're heading out tomorrow to head to Tampa to the AAW symposium. I have scoured the schedule to pick out exactly what sessions I'm going to do. Yay!

I turned all day yesterday and probably will do some more today, but right now I'm tidying up around the house and doing laundry so I can have clean clothes for the trip.

The woodturning website is pretty much done and our Strange Folk application is in. I'll keep updating with photos of more stuff when I make it, like the batch of drop spindles I did yesterday. They're the entire reason I wanted to learn to turn, yet this is the first time I've really settled down to make them the right way. I've made a couple before, but always halfheartedly. This time I got all the things I needed and just went for it. They spin beautifully, though the design is not particularly inspired, it's quite functional.

I volunteered to demonstrate them at the August woodturner's meeting. I'm sure no one there will ever make one, but at least it's something different to show people. I can't decide whether to try making any supported spindles. I don't know how to use them, so there is that minor issue.

I just started a new knitting project for the car ride. It's a huge lace shawl and will be deep purple. I get an urge now and then to knit lace, so there we go. It's a very well charted pattern at least, so it's pretty easy to follow.

Oh, and my blackberries are getting ripe and I'm going to miss out on them. Boo!

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